Project overview


The overall objective of this project is to make the operation of the Danish power system more effective through a more accurate estimation of the time varying offshore wind power modeling.

The primary objective is to take into account the large scale wakes from neighbouring wind farms in the current wind-to-power calculation system.

A secondary objective is to advance the offshore WFW calculation by providing more accurate sea surface conditions through coupling an ocean wave model to the wind and wake models.


This project will be operated with strong collaboration between the wind and power components, between modeling and measurement validation, between research institute and industry, see the inter-relation between the work packages in Figure 1.

OffshoreWake is composed of three phases, as illustrated in Figure 2, combining research, development and testing. Timewise, there is overlapping between phases.

Figure 1: The 6 work packages and the inter-relations between work packages WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 shown as the red arrows.

Figure 2: Project structure in three phases for the research and development part.

Key outcome

The products of the project will be (1) the OffshoreWake calculation system as Fig. 3; (2) evaluations of the impact of WFW on the Danish power system.

Figure 3: The OffshoreWake calculation system and its five components, the three black boxes (0, 1 & 2) are present in the current system and the two red boxes (3 & 4) are new and proposed in OffshoreWake.