Master thesis
  • Adit Nand Kishore: The effect of stability conditions on offshore wind farm wakes – an investigation through mesoscale modeling. DTU Wind Energy-M-0258
  • Lina Poulsen: Validation of wind farm parametrization in WRF using wind farm data. DTU Wind Energy-M-0256, January 2019.
  • Erin Langor: Characteristics of offshore wind farms and their impact on wind power production from long-term modeling and measurements DTU Wind Energy-M-0315.
Technical reports:
  • Mathijs D., Fischereit J. and Larsén X. (2019): Wind Farm Wake Calculation Using WRF Ideal Mode with Fitch and EWP schemes (Internship from Wageningen University), DTU Wind Energy E-0192 and ISBN: 978-87-93549-60-9.
Journal papers:
  • Imberger M., Larsén X. G., Davis N. and Du, J. (2019): Approaches towards improving modelling of a cyclone at lateral boundaries - a case study in WRF, In review Q.J.R. Meteorol. Society.
  • Du J., X. G. Larsén, R. Bolaños and M. Badger (2019): A case study of the impact of coupled wind-wave modeling on coastal and strong winds. To be submitted to Ocean Modeling.
  • Larsén X.G., Petersen E.L. and Larsen S.E. (2018): Variation of boundary-layer wind spectra with height. Q.J.R. Meteorol Soc. 1-13, DOI:10.1002/qj.3301. Vol 144, No. 716, p. 2054-2066. (partly supported by OffshoreWake)
  • Larsén X.G., Larsen S.E., Petersen E.L. and Mikkelsen T. (2019): A lateral spectrum model from meso to micro scales, to be submitted to Boundary-Layer Meteorology.
Conference papers:
  • Du J, Larsén X.G., Bolaños, R., Badger and Hua F. (2019): The impact of wind-wave coupling on the coastal wind and wave simulation during storms. The WISE (Waves In Shallow water Environment) Meeting, 12-16 May 2019, Japan. Oral presentation.
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